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Permanent Periodic Alimony Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale - Donald G. Criscuolo Permanent Periodic Alimony Attorney

This type of alimony is usually sought after by the spouse in need and usually dreaded by the spouse who is the primary wage earner. It is usually paid monthly during the lifetime of the recipient or until the recipient re-marries. Thus, this type of alimony can last longer than the marriage itself! It sometimes provides a disincentive for the recipient search for employment and breeds resentment in the party who pays. The law was substantially changed in 2010 to define a marriage characterized as “long term” to be a marriage in excess of 17 years. An award of Permanent Periodic Alimony is presumed to be appropriate in such cases if after referring to the factors it is otherwise appropriate. This type of alimony may also be awarded in moderate term marriages (7 to 17 years) but must be based upon the higher burden of proof of “clear and convincing” evidence. Under the new law it can even be awarded in short term marriages but only upon written findings of “exceptional circumstances” such as where the recipient spouse is older and more likely to be in need of support. For example, permanent periodic alimony may be available if the recipient has serious health problems. This type of alimony may be modified, or even terminated, upon a showing of substantially changes circumstances, remarriage of the recipient or upon the recipient entering into a “supportive relationship.”