Fort Lauderdale Modification of Child Custody/Visitation Attorney

Modification of Child Custody/Visitation Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale - Donald G. Criscuolo Modification of Child Custody/Visitation Attorney

If you have minor children, your case is never really “over” until your children are no longer minors. During the divorce, the custody and visitation issues will hopefully be resolved by agreement or, if necessary, by the judge. The factors going into that decision will be the then-existing circumstances. If, in the future, a “substantial change of circumstances” takes place, those custody and visitation arrangements are subject to modification. The examples of what kind of change is “substantial” enough to justify a modification are endless. Sometimes a parent will re-marry or live with a significant other and the children do not get along with that person. Children grow older and the dynamics of the parent/child relationship change. Sufficient evidence that justifies a modification may include poor grades, acting out at school, getting into trouble with the police, or drug or alcohol use (by either the parent or children). Actions seeking modification of custody or visitation can be emotionally devastating. Accusations are made and each party blames the other for any difficulties the children are having. Sometimes mental health professionals become involved by providing therapy or conducting evaluations. Consultation with an experienced family law attorney is necessary to protect you and your children from an unwarranted modification, or to obtain a necessary modification, whatever the case may be.