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Divorce Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale - Donald G. Criscuolo Divorce Attorney

The ending of a marriage is frequently a difficult and sometimes upsetting process, although it does not have to be. There is always an emotional component between separating spouses, especially if children are involved. Ending your marriage by agreement is fully explored when you are represented by a competent family law attorney. Equally important is knowing how best to vigorously protect your rights as well as the best interests of your children. Mr. Criscuolo has been working in this field since 1981. Through his knowledge and experience, he can protect your rights and guide you toward achieving your goals, whether at trial or behind closed doors through private mediation. Regardless, a problem-solving approach is used rather than an attitude of “see you in court.”

Many issues may arise during this process which will be fully discussed and explained to you. These issues may include:

When represented by Mr. Criscuolo, every effort will be made to minimize unnecessary “bickering,” instead, focusing on achieving a positive result for you quickly, with the least expenditure of time and attorney fees. You are in control of your case and how to proceed. At every critical point during your case, all available options will be fully discussed and explained, so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Over the last twenty-eight years, Mr. Criscuolo has helped hundreds of families through this process. His goal is always to obtain a positive result for his clients, while at the same time establishing an amicable relationship between them and their soon-to-be ex-spouse. This is particularly important when children are involved because even after a case is “over,” the parties will usually still be required to interact with one another through whatever child custody arrangement is put into place. There is also always the possibility that the court’s ruling may be subsequently modified if there is a significant change in circumstances for either party. Sometimes your spouse will retain a “bully” for a lawyer who likes to fight and who will try to create difficulties instead of avoiding them. Mr. Criscuolo knows who they are and knows how to deal with them. At all times, Mr. Criscuolo will be working alongside you to ensure that you know your rights and to help you achieve a positive result that best serves your needs.