Fort Lauderdale Mediation Attorney

Mediation Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale - Donald G. Criscuolo Mediation Attorney

Divorce can sometimes be time-consuming and not only emotionally draining, but financially draining as well. It is important to approach each case with a problem-solving attitude early on, with the goal of getting through the process in a timely and cost effective manner. Mediation is a valuable tool that helps Florida divorce attorneys resolve all or some of the issues presented quickly and efficiently. It involves the use of a neutral and independent mediator (usually a family law attorney) to help negotiate a settlement between the parties.

The process is informal, usually taking place in the offices of one of the lawyers or the mediator’s office. All issues are discussed with offers and counter-offers made until all possibilities are explored, hopefully resulting in a settlement agreement. Much like the certain “presence” that a good trial lawyer needs while in court, a similar but subtly different presence is needed to successfully represent a divorce client at mediation. Not only has Mr. Criscuolo attended many mediations on behalf of clients as their family law attorney, but he is also certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Family Law Mediator and has himself conducted hundreds of family law mediations.

Of course, the decision of whether or not to accept any particular settlement offer is absolutely and solely for the client to make. Mr. Criscuolo will counsel you, using his years of experience and training to support and implement your decision.